Executive Board Bios


Academic Year 2015-2016

President: Renato Franco Rosas

Renato is a charismatic leader who lives MMS’s mission. He strives to connect as many people with opportunities as his team and he can. In addition, Renato is passionate about teamwork, leadership and self-development and he shares his experiences as a way to make an impact on others.
Renato’s story with MMS started two years ago as he joined the Marketing Committee and then became Chief of Marketing for the 2014-2015 Academic year. He was always encouraged to continue growing within MMS, and decided to become president to continue its legacy.
With an enthusiastic personality, Renato strives to develop his team and himself into leaders that can share their experiences and continue driving change at Rutgers. He describes his experience of President as the most rewarding and life-changing one of his young career. His main hobbies are to travel, to read, and share his ideas with others.

This Summer, Renato will be joining Goldman Sachs as a Summer Analyst in the Legal & Internal Audit Division, and he was recently awarded GS’s Scholarship for Excellence, something he believes would not have happened if it was not for the growth he had experienced with MMS.

Vice-President: Chris Cuenca

Christopher (Chris) Cuenca is the Vice President of the Marketing and Management Society. Perhaps the most interactive leader you will meet, Mr. Cuenca has been devoted to help grow our great organization. He is a Marketing major with innovative ideas and always sharing his expertise with our members. He first joined MMS in the Fall of 2014 as an active member while networking, volunteering, and sharing his thoughts for future projects. In the Spring of 2015 he became our Chief of Corporate Responsibility working hard with his CR team to engage MMS in food drives, soup kitchens, and donating beauty must haves on International Women’s Day. He founded the MMS Warriors, MMS’s first project in sports as he led the team to a 2nd place finish at the Annual ALPFA Soccer Tournament. He was elected as our Vice President in the Fall of 2015 continuing the legacy from the past year as he once again led the MMS Warriors to another 2nd place finish at the Rutgers Intramural Soccer Tournament.

His passion for MMS is far beyond the soccer team he has led or the activities he has engaged in. He believes the element for success in a teamwork environment is FUN! He has helped bring the MMS culture to our members by working alongside our team to provide engaging, life changing, and fun activities. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” – Marc Anthony. Truly Mr. Cuenca works hard as a student and athlete but as our Vice President he is having the best time of his college life! His experiences in the field to date have been as a Marketing Consultant for 2 Great Kids (2014), a Sierra Mist Alchemist (2015), and an intern at White Label Firm this past summer working on the Verizon Fios Direct Marketing Campaign. Chris is a music lover, a sports fanatic, loves Mexican Food, and plays Chess on his free time. If you see him around campus do not hesitate to stop him and say hello, he is a great person you may want to meet.

Co-Vice President: Hector Mendoza

Secretary: Tehrim Azam

Chief of Events: Jennifer Mehring

Jennifer Mehring is the Chief of Events for the Marketing and Management Society. Jennifer is a junior marketing major with a concentration in fashion at the Rutgers Business School. She has a background in art, design, sewing, and fashion; and has earned her Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, summa cum laude from the County College of Morris. While at the County College of Morris, she was a lead designer in three fashion shows; a sample of her originally designed fashion garments and artwork can be viewed at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-mehring-04b442113

Besides a passion for fashion and art, Jennifer is musically inclined. She played the clarinet for eight years and enjoys singing. One of her greatest accomplishments is performing with the Northern New Jersey Junior Regional Choir for two years during high school as a soprano one singer. She enjoys listening to a variety of music, from country to classical to R&B and pop music.

As a transfer student, she chose to join MMS to establish lasting friendships and to become a part of the Newark campus, while gaining valuable business experience. Her goal for MMS is to bring a larger variety of companies and opportunities to the marketing and management students, and to develop more awareness and interest in business retail and fashion at the Newark campus. In the future, her vision is for MMS to become one of the most active and popular student organizations at the Rutgers Newark campus.

 Chief of Social Media: Joseph Codomo

 (Joe) Codomo is our new Chief of Social Media. Joe is a junior at Rutgers Business School, double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a minor in Economics. Joe is a hardworking individual who knows that success comes with effort and dedication. Joe joined MMS to be able to provide amazing opportunities to all of its members. He loves the MMS culture and thinks of this organization as a family. For his summer plans, Joe has accepted an offer to be a planning and allocation summer intern at Tommy Hilfiger in their corporate offices in NYC! Joe is also a college athlete and is on the Rutgers Tennis Team. He thanks MMS for all of his support throughout his journey. Joe has been accepted to study abroad in Rome, Italy in the Fall of 2016 and cannot wait to learn about the different cultures of the world. On his free time, Joe is a meteorology enthusiast and has his own weather website where he updates it a couple times a week. Check it out here: snowcodomo.wordpress.com! It is very interesting blog and his forecasts are usually always correct! Welcome to the team, Joe. We are happy to have you!

 Director of Social Media: Ali Mirzaaghakhan

We would now like to introduce our Director of Social Media, Ali Mirzaaghakhan. Ali is a senior marketing major graduating this May. He has a background in office management and has so much excitement for the different aspects marketing has to offer. He received his Associates degree in Business Administration from Bergen Community College. He has been a part of MMS since he transferred last spring and is truly passionate about what this society offers for not only himself but for all students who are apart of it. He is planning to relax after this semester and travel overseas to see his family before starting his marketing career. Welcome to the MMS family Ali!

Chief of Corporate Responsibility: Julissa Salermo

We would like to share with you our new Chief of Corporate Responsibility, Julissa Salermo. Julissa is a junior majoring in supply chain management with a concentration in entrepreneurship. She decided to join MMS to pursue personal and professional growth. Through MMS, she pushes herself to be outspoken and network in order to further grow MMS as a brand and help benefit our members to the fullest. Julissa will be offering interactive activities to give back to the community that will bring a new perspective. “Keep it tuned here,” she says, and we agree! Welcome to MMS Julissa!

Treasurer: Isaac Erazo 

Now we would like to introduce you to Isaac Erazo, our new treasurer. Isaac is a junior at Rutgers majoring in Business Management and minoring in International affairs. Isaac has a passion both for business and political science. He joined MMS because he firmly supports the clubs objectives for connecting Rutgers students with professional opportunities. Isaac is a very diverse and well rounded individual who sought interest in being the MMS treasurer as he enjoys working with numbers, managing budgets, and planning for the future. Isaac is also participating in the Rutgers Apprentice Marketing Case Competition where he and his team (Brick City Grind) have developed a Marketing plan with the objective to sell out the RAC for the Rutgers Women Basketball team. Isaac is currently an intern with the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership, where he has been promoting the institutes ethical development programs for corporate leaders in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Philanthropy. Good to have you Isaac!

Chief of Human Resources: Jessica Salermo