Lynxsy Announces Startup Internships for College Students!

You guys asked for it:

Lynxsy now provides a portal to some of the coolest internships in the start-up world! Now you don’t have to be a graduate or a soon-to-be graduate to start your journey through the exciting foray that is a start-up career. Lynxsy connects non-technical students to start-up companies in a supportive way, giving both the company and yourself a chance to decide where you want to stay while making sure you’re getting paid for your time.

What kind of internship you ask?

“Sales Internships, Business Development Internships, Customer Experience Internships, Operations Internships, Marketing Internships, PR Internships, Social Media Internships, Community Manager Internships, Underwater Basketweaving Internships, internships where you might get bit by a radioactive spider, internships where all you do is listen to Drake songs and rank them in order of how many times he uses the word “girl,” internships that involve eating Cheetos for like 8 hours, internships for days!” – from the Lynxsy original blog post

And so many more! Start-up culture is fast-paced and for students who are hungry to get into the action and create something meaningful, for students who are independent and know that true power doesn’t come from suits, and for students who are feeling that desk-not-required vibe.

Click the box to sign up!


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