Hello! Today we start our FEATURE FRIDAY. Because we are a society of people who are passionate about marketing, advertising, social media and creativity, we decided that it is our responsibility to introduce you to talented and artsy people of Rutgers Newark. Every Friday we are going to make a post about a talented student from our university. We will introduce you to bloggers, designers, photographers, marketers, journalists and all kinds of people who are daring enough to share their vision with the world.

Today when it is super cold outside we are talking to Anya Semenova also known by nickname AnyaFromSiberia. Anya is a senior at Rutgers. She is majoring in Graphic Design and Marketing and was willing to share with us her experience about being a fashion blogger, inspiration and advice for future bloggers. IMG_4702

Hey Anya! And the first cliche question – how did you come up with an idea to start a fashion blog?

– I’m going to say the single most cliche thing ever – I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages. Only I had no clue about what to dedicate it to. There are three things I really love – peanut butter, pandas and fashion. With peanut butter it’s quite hard to generate a discussion. Except for #teamcrunchy or #teamsmooth. With pandas it can also be a little challenging – you either like them or you don’t. Only I’ve never met anyone who isn’t fond of pandas, so that option had to also be eliminated. Which left me with fashion.

Jokes aside, I wanted to be able to write about anything without becoming that obnoxious person on Facebook who updates their status every hour (we all have at least one). So that’s how the idea about starting up a blog was born.

What about your nickname AnyaFromSiberia? Is there history behind it?

– My username, AnyaFromSiberia, is consistent throughout all social media because 1) I get asked where I’m from A LOT , 2) when I answer with “I’m from Siberia” people round their eyes because 3) most of them think of Siberia as another North Pole where life is non-existent. Most importantly, I’m very proud of where I come from. So when I thought about my username and imagined someone reading it for the first time, I decided that I definitely didn’t want it to be something cheesy or overly girly. No offense to all the sweetglamourbabes, you do you with your username choices. I wanted people to get a quick introduction to my actual self, so that’s why I’m Anya From Siberia. IMG_3876

What  inspires you to create new looks, search for new outfits?

– In terms of creating outfits – I get inspired by all kinds of different, often very random things. I saw this grandma at a cafe in SoHo a few weeks ago, and she looked so divine, so chic, I caught myself staring for a good few minutes. So did she. It was awkward. But anyway, she was wearing this dark green knee-length dress, mustard coat and a maroon beret. If I had the same outfit on I’d look like a Christmas explosion, but she, somehow, was able to pull it off. Also, I’m lucky to have friends with amazing fashion sense. They inspire me on the daily basis.

As to the writing part of my blog – I honestly just type whatever is on my mind at the moment. At first I was afraid to not fit into that mold of what a fashion blogger should look like and write about. And that’s when I realized that I wasn’t even excited about it anymore. When you stop wanting to please others and start being yourself (this is where the nostalgic music would begin to play if we were in a movie), any task becomes enjoyable and fun. So I stopped pretending to be like someone else, and started writing about things that I can actually relate to.

Do you have a favorite fashion blogger who may influence you?

– I absolutely love Samantha from @beautycrush on YouTube. I admire how she manages to stay feminine and classy without being boring. She keeps her outfits within the neutral color scheme and I’ve been gravitating towards more black and grey in my wardrobe, so that’s another common ground between the two of us. IMG_3858

I know lots of people who are thinking about starting their own blogs because some of them have an incredible passion in their life, some of them create ideas they want to share and some of them  are interested in communicating with society. But they don’t feel confident enough, kind of afraid… What would you tell them? How to begin?

– I heard this great saying – Just Do it! If you’re truly passionate about something, seriously, just start writing. Don’t ever obsess about your blog getting popular and especially don’t worry whether or not it will become profitable. Because if you do, you’re in for the wrong reasons. As to the technical side of it, nowadays you don’t even need to know coding and programming to create a website. There are plenty of platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace that will basically do all the work for you.

See Anya’s Instagram account @AnyaFromSiberia


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