Lynxsy Resume Review this ENTIRE WEEK!

I introduce Lynxsy: a New York-based start-up company that began just last year that aims to connect recent business and communications graduates to start-up careers, and currently have more than 100 companies on their platform. They offer the chance to be matched with some amazing up-and-coming start-ups and a paid “trial period” in which both the company and the recruit can figure out if they’re good for each other before the commitment begins. Follow them on Twitter @LynxsySays!

Click the pic to visit!

Lynxsy is hosting online resume review sessions all week for Lynxsy candidates and this is an exciting opportunity to not find the career of your dreams, but to acquire the skills necessary to achieve that dream. It’s really easy to sign up; just go to their website, fill out your profile, and upload a resume! They will take care of the rest, and they will text you when a job that fits you comes your way!

Sign up for the Resume Review here!
Be quick; the spots are going, going– gone!


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