A New Year and a New Semester – Let’s Make it Great!

see you soon
Hello there fellow #MMSers!

Can you believe that classes are in 7 days?! Neither can I, but I am really excited. I’m so excited that I decided to create a quick to-do list that will hopefully be applicable to everyone regardless of major or year. 

  1. Relax! Don’t worry 7 days is a week and a week is enough time to get your life together before school starts. (I hope.)
  2. Check Your Email! This can be done by going to my.rutgers.edu, logging in with your netid and password and clicking the “Everday” tab where you will finally see an option to check your email. Or you can simply go to gmail.com.
    *Helpful HintCustomize your school email to make it fancy and prossfional like this one fancy.email@rutgers.edu.
    A. To do so click this link and log in with your netid and password.
    B. If that does not work go back to my.rutgers.edu. Click “Profile”, the first button located at the very top of the page, then click “Update” next to personal information, next you may have to click “Update Student Contact Information” if you have a dual role with Rutgers, if not you will click the second tab at the top “Address Update”. Once you are on that page scroll down to where you see “Update Official Rutgers Email Address” and click on that link. It is very easy to pass by this as it is not highlighted at all, so take your time and pay attention.
  3. Download Microsoft Office for FREE! Now that you have made use of the *Helpful Hint*  above you are all ready to enter your (.edu) email address into Microsoft’s website. From there, you will receive a detailed email on how to download your product.
  4. Don’t Buy Books! Unless you have already received an email from a professor telling you to buy a textbook because homework is due, I would suggest waiting for the reasons mentioned below.
    A. One of your friends may have taken the same class with the same professor and can either give or sell you the book for a cheaper price or even tell you that it’s not necessary to buy it.
    B. Professors may email the class the syllabus over break which lists the textbook, but then may tell everyone on the first day of classes that the book is not mandatory or that you can buy an earlier edition which will be cheaper.
  5. Want credit for your Internship? Don’t miss the deadline (01/27) to apply for your internship as credit. Don’t forget that you are only allowed to take three classes (nine credits) with your internship counting as your fourth class, if you choose to go this route. Further information and how to actually apply can be found at the Office of Career Management on the third floor of RBS.
  6. Pay Up! That is, pay your tuition if you haven’t already, purchase a parking pass (monthly or pay-as-you-go) and/or purchase your discounted monthly student train pass for February (details to purchase online here or do it in person).
  7. Stay Tuned! We have GREAT things planned for this semester, one of which will be our first ever, Business Fashion Show! If you attended our first ever, Marketing Careers Panel, last semester just know that this event will be ten times better! If you are not on our mailing list visit our “Become a Member” page so you can get the latest updates.

    Brittany Allen x Chief of Social Media


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