Marketing Careers Panel Wrap-Up

Thank you to those who attended the first ever Marketing Careers Panel.

The event was a huge success! Many of our members were able to network with the panel of professionals, ask questions and learn so much more about marketing than they knew before. MKT PANEL copy


For those who missed out, here are some key pointers each speaker shared with the audience:

Panelist 1: Andrew Stangler (GenR Media)

Panelist 2: Jeff Howes (Cablevision)

  • Never underestimate the power of observation
  • Position people for success and build strong relationships
  • Stay humble

Panelist 3: Jon Vogel (215 Marketing)

  • Fail fast – fall forward
  • Look for firms with a culture that suits you (big names don’t necessarily matter)
  • Get around fire and stay around fire – Surround yourself with people who have drive, passion and ambition. Stay around people that are hungry.

Panelist 4: Steve Estrellado (Estro Communications)

  • Learn how to program, HTML, PHP and Adobe Muse
  • Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to copywrite
  • Learn how to use WordPress and basic graphic design skills

Panelist 5: Allison Brewster (Cablevision)

  • Focus on relationships – never let more than 6 months go by without reaching out to a contact
  • Go to networking events
  • Utilize LinkedIn



– Post By Jymeca Louissaint


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