Advertising Week XI

Advertising Week XI is over, but students from Rutgers Business School Newark who got the opportunity to volunteer there want to share some of their experience with you. And if you missed this event you still can check out their website to find the information about next year’s festival and also watch online some of the speakers.

Brittany Allen, Marketing/Senior:

Volunteering for Adweek XI was a unique opportunity for me. Not only did I get to network with like minded professionals, but I was able to do what I love! I was given permission to sign up as a volunteer press member. With that I was allowed to photograph the only event I attended which featured performances by The Script and T.I.! If I can volunteer next year I definitely plan to attend day events so I can hear and learn from the industry’s leaders!


Evgeniia Volkova, Marketing/Junior:

AdWeek was my first experience in participating in an event of such a high level. I got the great opportunity to work close with the crew and to help them organize some presentations. It was very exciting to be inside of the process, feel that atmosphere and work with people who have the same passion about advertising as I have. Being a volunteer, you also have an opportunity to attend presentations at different venues during the week. And it is not only educative but also so inspiring to hear speakers from companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Bloomberg Business Week. I would recommend it to everyone who studies management, marketing or any other major. Participation in events like AdWeek motivates you to study more and just drives your ambitions up.


Christina Tuohy, Marketing/Senior:

Volunteering for Advertising Week, NYC,  was an awesome experience. As a volunteer, I was able to work closely with the event managers, and production crew who taught me the logistics of planning such a  prestigious event. I was also granted access to a huge selection of seminars which featured companies like Facebook, Google, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few. Seminar topics included, advertising on digital platforms, and branding. Overall, I enjoyed Advertising Week as i was given the opportunity to network with business professionals and meet people who shared the same interests.



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